Entrecard for indonesia language

Lots of bloggers who regret Entrecard TOS that states that the program is only intended for English-language blogs. And Entrecard program benefits enough, especially for bloggers who are still confused Alexa Rank improve their Indonesian language blog.
True, there are still many out there the Indonesian language blog (so far) 'saved' from Entrecard raids, however, several accounts of our friends also have been hit by sanctions because Entrecard widget installed on blogs in Indonesian language theirs.

For example one of our friends who finally called iksan terdelete.
If you are wondering why kok many of our blogger friends are desperate to install the Entrecard widget though his TOS prohibits it, I can only respond with "I do not know.". Maybe they have a 'science of saving' the other to guard against raids Entrecard. Who knows?

Ok, we start Entrecard tips to avoid raids by still increasing traffic / Alexa Rank on our blog in Indonesian language. I have previously stated that these tips can only be done if you use their own hosting or free hosting. So for bloggers who use a custom domain for their blog either on Blogger.com or Wordpress.com, I do not have a solution for it.

By studying the TOS is found by Entrecard, we can infer that the Entrecard blog only requires that the widget attached in English, should not consist of just one article and several other requirements as may ga adult sites, spam blogs, etc.. So we need to do is create a dummy blog on our domain subfolders.

For example, if you are already using kampung.com www.ayam domain as your blog, then you can make more / new wordpress install www.ayam kampung.com / blog /. Fill out the blog at least two English-language articles. No need to bother nyari articles elsewhere, just translate articles from Indonesian your blog and put it on a dummy blog. That way, put Entrecard widget on my blog that makes you able to increase traffic to your blog in Indonesian language without violating the rules of Entrecard.

Why should pake kok subfolders, rather than a subdomain?

Here I recommend using a subfolder, so that if later on our blog Alexa Rank rises due to increased traffic generated by the program dummy Entrecard to our blog, it will not appear in Alexa traffic details page for our domain. If you use a subdomain, can-can later on details of our traffic page that already has 40,000 Alexa Rank will look like this

en.chicken kampung.com - 80%

chicken kampung.com - 20%

Disgraceful when it came to something like that. It seems our main blog has no selling value so.

Anyway, this technique is not no weaknesses. If you are not yet set for the language or geographic target your blog in Google Webmaster Central, the presence of your English-language blog can be a bit confusing SERP your blog. My advice, dummy Entrecard blog for his minimalist made it, and add a robots meta tag nofollow and noindex that these blogs do not affect your blog's position in Google SERP

Good luck and I hope useful

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