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Bloggers who make a free blog at are not permitted to place ads like Google Adsense and the like. Different if blogging free at, the blog owner may install Adsense ads, and if it is not only quoted a small commission from the earnings to the Blogspot bloggers. In order to install the free Google Adsense ads, then the best way we create blogs and paid versions with hosting their own subscription.

Maybe this way you can try if a blog on That is by using feedbuener, the RSS feed provider of Google's free.

The following terms and procedures:

* You must have a Google Adsense account and Google FeedBurner.
* Blogmu should have first have a sufficient number of customers a lot, either via RSS or email.
* Then activate the AdSense for Feeds ads from Google Adsense account you.

After registering an RSS feed on FeedBurner Blogmu, then you'll get the address / URL of the new feed. For example, feed the innate blog format:

* Http:// will change its format to, for example:
* Http://

When visitors subscribe to blog feeds - either via RSS reader or via email - using the second format, which is service to the RSS feed from Google's FeedBurner, then the Adsense ads will appear in your articles.

Of course, these ads will not appear on your wordpress blog pages, but only in the article sent to email subscribers, or in their RSS reader.

NOTE: This trick I have tried and succeeded at

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