Setup Domain Hosting CO.CC using 000webhost

To continue my post about Free hosting and domain This time I will discuss How To Setup Domain Hosting CO.CC using 000webhost. Because if this is your first time created the site with a domain name from and hosting this tutorial 000webhost really very necessary.

In this tutorial I assume you have already registered a domain name at and have a hosting account from 000webhost, meaning when you read this post, you are ready with the domain name and hosting account is. OK, please go read down

1. Sign in to your account at

2. domain manage menu, and select a domain name that you created for the setup.

3. on a setup option 3: The first seeting dns (name server), the second redirect, the third zone record.

4. select name servers. Since you are using using the DNS and

5. Then click the setup button,

6. Server name change process takes 2 x24 hours, so please wait. If you want more quickly more often in the open domain you created earlier to ping process faster 000webhost accepted.

7. Sometimes I get my name server is refreshed ready for use more quickly.

8. If you are ready to use immediately able to fill your hosting with wordpress or joomla for blogging.

Good Luck!

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Nice tutor,,,

mase mungil said...


salam kenal....
ga ngerti sih bhsanya....jd cmn bisa bilang sukses y

luminous25 said...

Linknya dah di add bro,.. tapi klo bisa linka aku anchornya diganti = LUMiNOUS blog,... thx ya...!

Salam sukses!

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