Choose a Good Blog Name

Confusion in choosing a blog name was not unusual when we'll make a blog. Well, I will share some experience about how to choose a good blog name. If you have the desire to make the popular blog, so start by choosing a good blog name.

How to choose a good blog name :

1. Blog name should be described blogs as a whole. You can imagine, just by reading a line of words, the reader can understand what blogs are about. The greatest potential of people will visit the blog via search engines is to notice a blog that is most relevant to the article sought.

2. Create a blog is easy to remember. To be easy to remember, create a blog that short and not too too long. Blog name just one word or two words. If too long will be difficult to remember. Examples of cases you can see on some blogs that are popular in Indonesia. They make a blog a simple but very easy to remember.

3. Not too many spelling modifications. Note the letters, and the use of numerical notations that do not need. Do not use a combination of letters and numbers that confuse visitors blog. Maybe you've found a bog with a name that is a combination of letters, numbers, symbols or specific notations. Wow, very messy and not good for search engines like google. But this is my opinion. Not mean anything by it.

4. Blog name should be same as domain names. I met many domain name blog that is very different from the name of the blog. Looks just trivial, but the same domain name with the name of your blog will be very significant in search engine optimization. Blog name may be different from domain blogs but still similar to try and close.

5. Blog name should be unique. For example create a blog like a movie title or anything controversial. I am sure that this uniqueness will be a particular attraction for visitors. Can also be a unique name that is funny or scary and horrible. Whatever course, just different from the others.

6. Insert keywords in the name of the blog that your blog search keywords. These tips are useful for blogs that target specific markets. Moreover, business blogs, the insertion of keywords in the name of your blog is very important. The goal is mengpotimalkan search engine to your blog via search specific keywords that you target.

7. Blog name, and do not be too general nor too specific niche target. There is profit and lose if you choose a name that is too general. You will be very easy to find news content for your blog if your blog choosing a general topic, but does not focus on a particular topic is not going to make visitors feel at home in your blog. Choosing a blog with more specific topics will be better, but will need to consider who the target of the blog readers. Do all our blog readers will in fact only slightly because the topic is too narrow. You can use google trends to analyze a blog which would you choose.

There are many ways choose a good blog name. The way it should absolutely not so and you can choose what works and according to the type and character of your blog. If you have other opinions that can be distributed, I am very grateful.

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