Explanation of Proxy Server

In this post I will explain what little understanding of the Proxy Server. And understanding Proxy Server is a server located in between the client application with the actual server. Proxy server will intercept any request to the real server and determine if can be satisfied by the proxy server. If the proxy server could not, requests presented on the actual server.

Explanation of Proxy Server

Proxy servers have two main functions:

1. Accelerating access: If implemented correctly, the proxy server can increase the speed of Internet access a group of users who use it. Proxy server will store data for a server that has access. If another user in the group that access the same server, he simply took the existing data on the proxy server. This condition reduces the density of data transmission from the user group that will speed up access.

2. As Filters: Proxy servers can also serve as a filter. For example a company can set up a proxy server so that employees can not access certain sites.

This article may be little help for friends who do not know whether the Proxy Server, because many do not know Proxy Server. Although their daily using the Internet.

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