Google First Step Facing Caffeine

Google First Step Facing Caffeine. The phenomenon of change in the algorithm seo google for 2010 that was allegedly the largest search engine will be more focused on the search results fast, fresh and also consider the visual aspect. The question was whether we as a beginner able to deal with changes in the algorithm Google this in 2010? My answer must be we can, why I can dare say able to conquer this phenomenon and put the website on a particular search main page?

Yes because I get the handle 7 in the face of such turmoil google caffeine, like any first step 7 we have to prepare in 2010 seo this year? Immediately following some of his points.

1) How fast a web page or blog?

This may already exist from the past and was on notice by google, web loading speed to be one important factor that should be on notice. For now we are in the demand for faster, the speed of loading Google web / bog page for about 3 seconds if I can possibly help it less than 3 seconds.

Difficult? Yup it is sometimes difficult, bog sea learning lifestyle is still far from that at the time requested by Google but there was always a way out, for those who understand the coding themes had no trouble to create a bog page to access super-fast, among others, could compress CSS code, JavaScript, and try to minimize the distance the flash content.

2) Is our blog including conten blog that has new / fresh?

Hayo who could answer my question above? This is not new and should be very concerned, not only for google but could provide fresh content for readers, an example can be seen on lifestyle portal on the net that always provides original news up to date.

But avoid attempts copy paste the article, if they do take the point copy paste it and change the wording to use your language. Although we bad language but still it is original.

3) Does your blog style as pretty as a model capable of?

In this caffeine google turned attention to the visual aspect of our blogs, especially from the use of image or images.

In the use of image we should also apply in terms of SEO for optimum image can, how?

* Enter the ALT tag attributes at each existing image in your themes, images or descriptions of other things and also please note the variations of the keywords you use for the image.

* Note the name of an existing image on your blog page, we recommend using keywords, such as lifestyle-seo.jpg or adjust the keywords in the drill.

* Use a header image, could use H2 or H3 tags with your keywords.

* For those who have further its science seo can use the sitemap for your images.

* Make sure your anchor text is placed according to the keywords that you drill, this means we could be in the variations of origin is still the main keyword related premises.

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