Fascinated by Angry Birds

New York - Fascinated by Angry Birds selling a fantastic game on the iPhone, Electronic Arts (EA) are interested in buying the game publisher, Chillingo. Currently, games are priced at 99 cents that has already been downloaded more than seven million times and become the second most popular game on the iPhone. Unfortunately, EA does not necessarily get the whole game Angry Birds property rights because these rights are still held developer, Rovio Mobile.

According to people who know about buying and selling it, EA paid U.S. $ 20 million or around Rp 180 billion to Chillingo, a company based in the UK. However, the EA spokesperson Holly Rockwood said the total purchase these games are not that big. "Obviously under U.S. $ 20 million," said Rockwood.

With the acquisition, he continued, EA Mobile will increase the market potential in the realm of Apple's platform and become a leading wireless entertainment publisher in the world. In addition to available on the iPhone, game Angry Birds also on Android phones. Other games which also got rave reviews from owners of Android phones and the iPhone is a puzzle game "Cut the Rope".

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