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Wheel Link - Increasingly tight security arrangements on the field seekers create backlinks ideas create new backlinks fields even more broadly. Moreover, the longer, more google algorithm is predictable. Whatever dimaui apparently google can be directly applied by the SEO Master by tool2nya violently. Not to mention the success of social media and the increasing number of online businesses begin to know how to take advantage of the provision of free blogging services also increase the area of backlinks fields for planting.

Some of these days I'm trying some of the tools used by the search link. Unmitigated, one tool can automatically create thousands of accounts in thousands of forum complete with a set of backlinks in the signature (but because I use a pirated version, the new ability to register... Xixixi). But with the help keywallet sayapun also can install while it's still semi manual signature.

But if you just pursue quantity, we would actually be falling in the valley of the sandbox. Backlink that we may be qualified. Not just many, but if you can setema. So have hundreds of dummy blogs are the answer.

Hundreds dummy blog is also not the solution just right for the survivors of the sandbox. Hundreds of dummy blog also must have the support of adequate backlinks. Well you know ... If everything is done manually, either at the completion. In fact we want to create a structure like this:

MAIN BLOG <<== === get backlinks from dummy blog <<== == Dummy get backlinks from other Blogs RSS Directory Social Bookmarking

Fortunately, the online has a lot of programmers build software that helps us do all the above. So for backlinks affairs, we can surrender to them. though I myself usually still need to intervene to make it more perfect and more powerful.

God willing this time I'm testing at least 4 software that can help us put backlinks faster. And coupled pair service backlink from my colleagues. If the results of these trials bring me good results, God willing, will be included in the SEO module Revolution. Laboratory research cafebisnis really busy lately. I hope all the results of his research work and ready to serve

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