Cause up Blocked Facebook

Cause up Blocked Facebook - It's a little different to myspace, if the user fs given the freedom to create your own profile, although many who have forged the profile. Up trying to rectify these weaknesses friendster, make some sort of filter or rule for a minimum may not occur or falsification of identity fraud from the use of facebook. From various sources that I read there are some things that could daftar facebook account is blocked or deleted:

1. Not Using real names
Do not use a false name, initials, or a pseudonym. facebook recommend using the name as your birth certificate.

2. Too many Group that followed
Remember to follow the maximum limit is 200 groups per user group can not be over.

3. Too many messages written on the wall or in a group
because too many posts of the gospel in the wall to create an account facebook "Guy Kawasaki" on the block.

4. Too much to comment on your wall.
too many who commented on your wall because too many groups and friends. Such comments appear even spam your wall.

5. Too many eman Add
The main cause facebook account blocked because too many add friends, the maximum number of friends is 5000 people.

6. School and you doubt oraganisasi
Do not enter a school or a fake organization in your profile, but you have never registered or graduate school or organization.

7. Too much invited to play poker
Poker is a card game with betting, facebook application that is much too pegikutnya, invite people close to you alone.

8. About Promotion yourself on the wall
the line between spam and self promotion are very thin, only as needed.

9. Many text messages sent.
Usually to shorten make our message copy paste a text message sent the same for most of our friends, this can be considered spam by facebook.

10. You are a cow, a dog or a library.
You are a real though not enough, you must be a "Homo Sapiens". do not try to create a facebook account for cows, dogs, or your favorite library because it will be deleted.

11. Your Age under 18 Years
One report mentions one of the facebook user account is blocked because of suspected under the age of 18 years, and held his office email address to validate date of birth.

12. Decree anything you write things that offend
because writing about the sudden death of a facebook account is reported as having been mentioned, not explained what the infraction.

13. You create a fake facebook page
facebook no tolerance for plagiarism on their web pages.

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