Police Receive Complaints by FB and Twitter

Police Receive Complaints by FB and Twitter - Starting early 2011, people no longer bother to come to the police station to report a case. Communities are now able to give information or report of a case through social networking and Twitter Fb.

"So this is a preliminary report such complaints, information society could be through Fb and Twitter. Will we start early in 2011," said police chief Sr. Comr Depok Peter Abraham when contacted by AFP on Friday.

Ferry said the new policy will be applied in the Police Depot. Later reports that go through Fb and Twitter will be followed up. People who give statements or give such information will be called upon to make a written report.

"So it was an oral report. Then we will follow up to the concerned makes a written report as usual to the SPK us," he explained.

According to Ferry, the report via Twitter and and aims to facilitate someone in delivering the report as in the case curanmor. On average, the reporter who lost a car or bike is usually reported to the police station 3 hours after the goods lost. This has become one of the difficulties for the police to quickly track down these curanmor.

"He lost a morning, afternoon can only be to the police station. It's useless is too late. We take this action to accelerate it. If you run the report, the man had fled into nowhere, "he said. Ferries adding it wanted to use the facilities of technological progress for the reporting process

community. Society can provide information to Fb to address spktpolrestadepok or in Twitter account with the same name that is spktpolrestadepok. "Because my people my UI. Have a high intellectual quality, too. I have to follow as well. But still we do the investigation process as usual," he said.

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