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blogcatalogFrom yesterday I wanted to post about the Advantages and Benefits of being member BlogCatalog (although the blog has not approve) and magnificence of the BlogCatalog services in the member fun. If the advantages of being a member of I'm sure most bloggers already know that by maximizing the features in blogcatalog very good effect for our website or blog.

Especially if we as a premium membership, in addition to our profile given special badges that said supporting the community and when we logged in the areas of membership, we will be exempted from all forms of advertising so it looks clean. and above all else that we are given the special name beta service access to the latest BlogCatalog featur prior to the publication to the public. another one my favorite by giving free premium membership is on our profile will appear as well in the last twitter activity.

Important lesson that I can make are very clever BlogCatalog propitiate its members to further improve the service and credibility to be very appropriate to mimic the ways like this (although not necessarily in the same way) to keep a good relationship with anyone especially with clients -- our clients. So what are you waiting hurry up a list of your blog in blog catalog!

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I like the BlogCatalog community. I have had a lot of loyal subscribers from these fellow bloggers. And the bounce rate from fellow bloggers is lower than a lot of other readers'

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