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For a hobby, blogging may never see the encrypted link, DLL, well this time I will give you tips on how to decode See original TinyURL link, so we can see the affiliate link, usually located behind the banner in a blog without must come from the offering affiliate, but also well sorry've tired-tired but who come directly to the site without the intermediary of a blog. Sites which in fact many can decode the TinyURL link, but this time I only discuss one, because the results of which can also still the same thing. Here's how:

- First and foremost you come in here
- After which the field is like the image input link below to look the original source, for example I include a link "" and click the "expand"

View original tinyurl link
- After the process is completed we can view the contents behind it was, see picture below!

I think here is complete until our job to translate the magic TinyURL. What if I make writing it felt there was a disadvantage I am sorry, actually that's not the purpose of this post, I made a post just in case if we find or are given by a person TinyURL link us know if it leads to spam site that contains a virus and can harm us.

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