Get money from twitter

Get money from twitterAll businesses in this virtual world must know the name twitter, which is a social networking one that has great strength in terms of a product marketing campaign. And also can generate dollars from twitter account, want to know the tricks how to make money from twitter via revtwt? the following way:

-The first thing you must have an account on

-Got a great follower of at least 50 people and if you want to quickly get your followers could use the services of such sites, with this facility we can easily make friends and usually they will automatically memffolow us. But before you use these sites a good idea to know who we will follow such as "Shaq or Britney Spears"

-after we have reached the followers of fifty people to register on our new cash-producing machine that is rvetwt twitter.

, after signing up and start making money by posting ads that have been provided by them. input by twitter account and password you first get to a page with "Twitter Accts" and input your username and password and click your twiter add.

-reply had gone into the menu "Post Ads" then select your ad will display by clicking from the list of ads there after that click post ad.

-completion is our duty, oh yes we maximal ads only 2 times per day and is about 2 hours, so do not be too often can dibanned lho. To display more ads can be done the next day. Good luck

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