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MicrosoftGiant companies in the field of Information Technology (IT), which Microsoft said it will soon issue the Microsoft anti spam software that will be given free of charge on 23 June 3009. Apparently Microsoft did not want to miss in this one. That is expressed by the representative of Microsoft in the presence of the press some time ago.

Previously the product was tested for the first time in four countries, namely USA, China, and Israel began on Tuesday (23 June 2009). At that time Microsoft limit to 75,000 people are allowed to download the software from the site of the four countries.

The plan, the beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) will soon be circulated to the public. Obviously this is an exciting thing and it is interesting to try. Moreover, a lot of Microsoft software users are desperate because often attacked by malware. Perhaps this is an action from Microsoft which said the response from users that the Microsoft software. Because Microsoft has been declared no longer able to cope very well on this one thing and also has a poor track record in this case.

Previously, this project called Morro, where the user's operating system Microsoft has to offer special protection to be against viruses, spyware, and trojans. Morro application is available in a free package which will also be running in an environment of Windows XP operating system, Vista, and Windows 7 (Windows Seven). This application is matched and created specifically for Microsoft's operating system just besutan.

Its competitors such as AVG, Symantec, and Kaspersky far larger role in dealing with viruses, spyware, and trojans than Microsoft itself. But with the advent of Microsoft's products is it possible to undermine the dominance of the previous players in the domain of antivirus software? Since the previous review of its beta version shows that the product from Microsoft is no better than freeware products like, and far below similar products by paying licensing solutions.

Will Microsoft be slapped with this gratisannya antivirus products, or even going down the same as earlier products of this kind, namely Windows Live OneCare? We certainly can not answer that right now, let's both wait and see its development.

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