Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita

Pertamina provide Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita is the motto of We Energy. As a government agency that deals with energy Fuel (BBM) in our country. As ordinary people and Blogger Indonesia I really hope a lot, hopefully there'll be time for the price of Fuel (BBM) is widely used especially by the society such as Kerosene, Premium and Gas Liquefied petroleum gas prices could fall.

Indeed this is the motto of hard work is our energy, because with hard work will give a new spirit for the future better. And with hard work hopefully we will get the most out of what we want. Connection with this, such as "Fuel for the energy we do work hard, and without that, the energy will not be hard work we can do.

It was supposed to help us participate and hopes many of the Government in this case Pertamina, in order to immediately reduce the price of Fuel (BBM). With the hope to decrease the fuel price will result in a decline in prices for food and other prices. This will also affect the welfare of the people of Indonesia, of course.

It is true that hard work is our energy, as well as Premium for motor vehicles. If we run out of Premium during the long queue at gas stations, or running out of Kerosene and Gas Liquefied petroleum gas in the stalls, how we can work hard, while the energy for it does not exist. So, let us together to support the Government so that fuel prices could be lowered again soon, because it all came back to the hard work is our energy. Indonesia and hopefully become more prosperous, peaceful and prosperous.

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