PayPal Account Types

Paypal account types is divided into three types of personal, primary and businesses. Personal accounts are individual accounts that can only be used to shop online (transfer) and can not be used to receive transfers. This meant, for example, by chance my friend loves to shop online at online stores like EBAY, so my friend can use this account type. So this personal account of nature in one direction only.

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Primary account is an individual account that can be used to shop and sell them online. That means the primary account the nature of these two directions, can send and receive transfer funds online. Well, for my friend who follows online business like the one on my blog, please choose personal accounts.

Business Account is the account designated for merchants (business) by using the name of the group or company. If the buddy has a company and some buddies running a business online, please use this account type. Ok buddy, I think it is obviously my explanation about this. I hope no one else got the wrong type of account at the time to create a paypal account. Once again for my friend who do not have paypal account please click image to register paypal for free.

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