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This time I was a little tips to make blogs into search engine friendly is not so hard to make the blog search engine friendly, but you need to know first what purpose we must make a blog search engine friendly? what will we get? well it used to be my blog that discuss search engine friendly layout is a blog that ease the process of search engine crawling robot like google. So likely we will be in the blog search engine love, why not? yes sure is all that easily would have been in love, like a business, if we would easily produce a lot of people loved and cherished.

The main goal in building a blog search engine friendly is to get easy for search engines to detect our site. so that the optimization process of our blog will feel more comfortable. What we get is the position of our blog will become easier to get at the beginning of search engine page. This may be included in the optimization SEO Kategory time yes, let's go .. we continue to learn seo and make our blog a blog is search engine friendly. way that is easy enough:

First we must consider several points in order to make our blog search engine friendly include

* use of the blog title for example

<title> techniques of search engine friendly blog | </title> This will appear in the yard google with the title (the title of our blog posts will be future title on search engines) to make so you can find tutorial for now I still can not write because mepet time, maybe tomorrow or the area I would write it.

* distinction keyword
<b> your keyword </b>
This would indicate that the writing that you make these bold targets you optimize, this is very helpful in proving yourself please.

* The placement of keywords
Put the keywords you optimize at the beginning of this article is likely very helpful blog you will get a position on search engines. so there's no harm in you try.

Maybe that's all of my tips for making your blog a blog is search engine friendly. and hopefully by doing things that I described above your blog will visit the busy visitor coming from search engines. okay ..... hopefully continue success

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