Get a Penalty From Google

About a week ago, my blog that provides tutorial information on this free blog, get a penalty from Google, because it may be mistaken for duplicate content. This I know from the search results on Google with certain keywords, my previous blog on the first page and also two sites that display the blog directory My blog posts are. So on the first page were three of the same title. Because maybe my blog PR is lower than the blog directory, blog directory, the accused automatically my blog by Google's duplicate content result in the sandbox (the word blogging forums). Sandbox is a kind of prison he said, so that our blogs are not indexed by search engines anymore.

Then, because I thought it was caused by the same title with the title of my blog at blog directory, so I change the title / blog title is, at last about three days I'm watching from Feedjit analyze real-time traffic, I see these blog visitors have come from Google. This means is indexed again and I tried to search with keywords related to Google. After my tests, it is true that blogs are indexed again in the first or second page SERP Google with some keywords related.

Either let alone cause, I try to change the title back to the blog, but I do not know if this technique will still work to create a blog is indexed in Google. Can only be patient, while managing other blogs. Thanks.

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