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After a few weeks of getting the legal from the google blog tutorial is finally back to a place in the hearts of the largest Search Engine today. A few weeks later on give this blog Pagerank N / A, and because it can not be sure I mentioned.

But I can only analyze the causes of the loss of a little PR from this blog, namely the lack of fresh articles that should be routine in the content on our blogs to manage. Since google is now more selective in choosing which blogs will be presented on page 10 of the keywords in the input by the user.

So the lessons I can take from this event are:

1. When we used to get an article in a way try to copy paste the rewrite up to 50% different from the original before the published again.
2. Try to find that a quality backlink pointing to your blog / web. Can in a way that is 2 way exchange links with other blogs, or with a direction that is leaving comments on Dofollow blog or website.
3. Update articles regularly at least once a week.
4. If all these things at work in your blog will be guaranteed in Engine loved by the search.

Maybe it is a short tips I can give this time, may be useful for you all. Regard

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