Google Sandbox FAQ

Hello bloggers mania, ever heard of google dance or the more popular again with the term google sandbox :) exile sandbox for your blog or site by site through the google rules have been imposed by them.

To slightly increase our knowledge about om google sand box please read an article that I found the blog but I forgot its web address.

Say you create a site to sell to buy a house. Everything about the site that provides on all housing related needs. But his love your site name example. Although the domain keyword such that you still want to compete with the keyword "Offers to buy a house". But the hope in mind after you get your wish to be NO 1 SERP with keyword "Offers to buy a house" getting ready for the catch by google sandbox ;)

So What can I do to avoid the sandbox?

It's really not possible. I really do not lie to you, you will not be ranked in the first few pages to "buy a house Sell" until you do your time with other kids in the sandbox. And this will only end after google your issue.

To avoid the sandbox you can target keywords that are non-competitive. By doing this you can jump in the ranks very quickly but the possibility is the lack of visitors who visit your website because of the low keyword search.

If already in the sandbox what do I do?
Try try to create articles and backlinks from you to you.

How long will I be in the sandbox?
Usually you will be in the sandbox for about 9 months. But this depends on how competitive your keywords. The more competitive the longer you wait.

How do I know if I'm in the sandbox ?
Do a search by way of site: is the best way to find out. But if you've tried before and have some of your page in the search results and now no longer means you've been in the sandbox.

But someone said that if I build links slowly get myself out of the sandbox?
Maybe you've heard this way, but I'm still not too trusting with the theory, which certainly use your web keywords with little competition in the search.

Previously, I want to explain, all the above is based on experience alone, and probably everyone's experience varies so if you do not agree with my opinion on what's up your opinion.

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